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It's Not Ogre Yet

"Why haven't they made a Shrek 2 musical?"
"I don't know, let's just do it ourselves!"

See Humans first ever production started off as a joke. Even the show's actors didn't believe it was a real thing until opening night, when they discovered a line wrapped around the building of Gen Z theatergoers eager to see a production that defied all odds.


It’s Not Ogre Yet is an original musical parody based on the best film in the Shrek franchise, Shrek 2! Follow your favorite quirky trio, Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey, as they travel to the Kingdom of Far Far Away by request of Fiona’s parents, the King and Queen. Watch out as along the way they meet a furry little assassin, an evil fairy godmother, and a sexy prince. It’s your favorite Shrek story with new twists, backstories, music and characters, all in one spectacular musical spoof!

It’s Not Ogre Yet was written and directed by Brayden Martino, composed by Jonathan Haidl and features music & lyrics by Jacob Kent, Hudson Keown, Kiersten Rummell, with additional music by Maddie Reynolds.


Shrek- Jonathan Haidl

Donkey- Brayden Martino

Fiona- Jennifer Hardy

Puss in Boots- Manny Madera

Fairy Godmother- Maddy Cole

Prince Charming- Charlie Battaglia

King Harold- Nick Ciulla

Queen Lillian- Camryn Burns

Royal Messenger- Jacob Kent

Doris/Dragon- Vincent Washicko

Captain Hook/Mongo- Hudson Keown

Pinocchio/Jerome- Justin Borland

Gingy - Mia Battaglia

Big Bad Wolf - Chris Harper

Kyle- Matthew Guttilla

Muffin Man- Garrett Vallejo

Silly Girl #1- Shayla Stensby

Silly Girl #2- Lexi Fort

Silly Girl #3- Kenzi Brush

Pig #1- Connor Colby

Pig #2- Koa Flores

Pig #3- Manny Gonzalez

Blind Mouse #1- Meg Rocha

Blind Mouse #2- Katrina Reta

Blind Mouse #3- Josie Martino

Featured Ensemble- Kyle Colby

Young Fiona- Avah Redmond

It’s Not Ogre Yet is not affiliated or associated with the writers or creators of the Shrek franchise, Shrek: The Musical, DreamWorks, or any of their affiliates. It is produced and performed solely for the enjoyment of ourselves and other Shrek fans, and is not at all intended to conflict with the official copyright of the franchise, nor any copyright associated with the films/musicals/etc. referenced in this production.

“It’s Not Ogre Yet” contains some adult language and/or suggestive content. Please watch with discretion.

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