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In 2007, Jerry Seinfeld made a blatant attack on humanity when he released Bee Movie. Some say he was high. Some say he was horny. Some say he was creating commentary on corporate society and capitalist propaganda, while shedding light on the potential effects of environmental issues involving the imbalance of nature. Whatever the truth is, this movie should not exist, and yet it does. Years later, the internet was overrun with memes about the film that changed the brain chemistry of a generation. In 2018, Brayden Martino and the folks at See Humans brought this story to the stage, satirically unpacking meme culture, bad movies, and Gen Z humor. The show was uploaded to YouTube in 2020 where it developed a cult following. Years later, a known cult at Boston Conservatory revived the production illegally.

Original Production | 2017


Barry B. Benson - Brayden Martino

Adam Flayman - Jonathan Haidl

Vanessa Bloome - Rachel Williams

Ken - Charlie Battaglia

Janet Benson - Maddy Cole

Martin Benson - Wayne Keller III

Lydia - Aubrey Huntsman

Mr. Montgomery - Nick Ciulla

Mooseblood - Katie Steuernagel

Buzz - Kevin Arnold

Jackson - Jackson Marcy

Splitz - Joe May

Queen Bee - Vincent Washicko

Ensemble - Shayla Stensby, Kenzi Brush

Cameos - Jordan Wagner, Nancy Vanderpool, Jeff Anderson, and Leslee Anderson


Written and Directed by Brayden Martino

Music Directed by Jonathan Haidl

Composed by Jonathan Haidl, Hudson Keown, Brayden Martino, and Jennifer Hardy

Additional music by Aubrey Huntsman Choreographed by Brayden Martino and Kenzi Brush Produced by Joe May and Aubrey Huntsman

Scenic Design by Tristen Martino

Lighting Design by Liam Connaughton

Tech Supervised by Noah Ciulla

Sound Design/Stage Management by Camryn Burns

Puppets by Tristen Martino and Kenzi Brush

Costumes by Aubrey Huntsman and Brayden Martino

Props by Brayden Martino

Video by Colby Media Group

This is a parody musical.  It is in no way sponsored, approved, endorsed by or affiliated with Jerry Seinfeld, DreamWorks Animation or any of their affiliates.

Boston Conservatory Revival | 2023

In 2023, students from Boston Conservatory sought to revive the Bee Movie Musical. Against the school's wishes, they put on the show secretly in an underground studio late at night. The students involved were suspected of "cult activity" due to strange rehearsal rituals and marketing stunts. This is the footage they don't want you to see.


Barry - Brayden Martino

Vanessa - Chloe Gardner

Adam - Caetano de Sá

Ken - Lucas Boniface

Lydia - Kendrah Wellman

Martin - Jackie Randall

Janet - Mabel White

Buzz- Cait Winston

Splitz - Brittany Forsmo

Jackson - Charlize Vermaak

Montgomery - Dylan Gombos

Jennifer Coolidge - Samantha Hallenberg

Honey Nut - Warren Maness

Applebee - Keegan Sells

Jollibee - Isabella Alfaro

Barnabee - Sam Webel

BeeJesus - Grayson Reed

Sting - Elizabeth Finlayson

Cricket - Sage Futterman

David Royzenblat as himself

Charlie Zuckerman as himself

Bridget Delaney as herself


Written & Directed by Brayden Martino

Music & Lyrics by Jonathan Haidl, Hudson Keown, Jennifer Hardy, and Brayden Martino

Assistant Directed by Chloe Gardner and Cait Winston Stage Managed by Lucy Moore

Tech & Design by Grayson Reed

Marketing & Misc by Kendrah Wellman

Choreography by Anneke Angstadt and Becky Gray

Dramaturgy by Tiffany Adams

Filmed by Arthur Knox

WARNING: “A Bee Musical” contains some adult content.


This is a parody musical. It is in no way sponsored, approved, endorsed by or affiliated with Jerry Seinfeld, DreamWorks Animation or any of their affiliates.

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